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Words that Work

What is copywriting you may ask – well to put it bluntly it’s marketing and sales in a word format. It’s knowing how to use the right words, to say the right thing, to the right people, to get the right response. Yes please, where do I buy!

Great copywriting is what gives your business the edge, it should grab the readers attention, deliver the message and persuade them to take action. No matter how you are communicating whether its print, direct marketing, online or audio the words you write have a direct impact on your business.

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The Power of Words

Copywriting for web and online marketing needs to satisfy two masters, the search engines to deliver quality content that ranks on the page and the audience content that provides relevant, readable, entertaining and persuasive words to drive a call to action.

The use of keywords and key phrases needs to be subtly woven into the content without detracting from the story.

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