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Is television still the dominant screen?

Is TV still dominant

Not too long ago the television was the main screen we watched for information and entertainment, but in today’s digital world internet connected devices have made an impact on this tradition.

A recent survey was carried out by award-winning research agency, Sparkler, looking at how the use of different devices have changed the way we view screens in the living room and the results were quite surprising.

Contrary to what most of us believe, research has shown that only 50% of UK adults say the TV is the main focal point in the living room, interestingly though 70% say they use a connected device whilst watching TV and for 16-34-year-olds as much as 87%.

One third of adults check their emails, instant message or text whilst watching TV and 25% shop online. The research showed that the time people are engaged in unrelated TV activity is 60%.

It appears that there is more equality between different screens and that people switch between group and individual activities such as social media, emails, messaging and shopping.

There was a time when ad breaks were the key times for people to check emails, message, put the kettle on etc, but now this is not the case, in fact, research shows that more online activity takes place during a program as opposed to the ad break.

So how does this affect your advertising? Whilst traditional advertising still has a place in the media mix; digital advertising along with online activity and innovative ways to attract your customers attention through digital marketing are now equally, if not more important, to reach your target audience.