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The Code to growing your business

The nature of technology enables us to advance and adapt to find the best possible solutions to a problem. Digital design acts as a bridge between traditional print and online engagement, both of which play an important part in the whole brand experience. As technology grows so does the need for companies requiring skilled professionals who can conceptualise and communicate across all the new emerging platforms of media.

Develop your Idea

Web Design

Designing a website is like dressing a shop window, it needs to be inviting, informative, innovative and interesting. It should take your audience on a journey of who you are, what you do and why they should be talking to you.

Your website is your virtual representative, the first impression of your business and the image (user-facing) of what you want to portray to potential customers as well as driving with them to want more.

Web Development

Creating a website, even with a great design, is about much more – the functionality has to be clean and robust, the navigation should be easy to follow, with the content relevant to the page as this plays a vital part in organic search engine optimisation.

The coding (back end) of your website powers the components that enable the user-facing side to exist, our skilled developers understand the programming language, databases and server architecture.


of paid Google search clicks originated from mobile in 2018.



With the use of tablets and, more importantly, the increase in mobile phone usage, it is now essental that your website is fully responsive, so it scales the content and elements to match the screen size you are viewing it on. Responsiveness prevents images being larger than the screen width and means visitors on mobiles should not need to work harder to read the content.

As we live in a mobile-first era, the most used search engine – Google – favours websites that have been optimised for mobile and smartphone devices.


Search engine optimisation helps maximise traffic to your website by improving your page ranking within the search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask etc. But what is SEO? It’s a measurable process that is used to inform search engines that your website pages are worth showing in the Google index. There is nothing mystical about SEO, it’s not rocket science, but it requires a tactical strategy in delivering relevant keyword content on the pages and skilled developer techniques behind the scenes. Our developers and content managers work in unison to deliver a high rating of standard, organic SEO. Advanced SEO is a service we would offer if we believe it to be beneficial to your organisation, otherwise we would work with you to maximise organic growth.

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If you are looking to sell your products or services online then you need to have an e-commerce website that allows you to have online transactions and data collection. It is also crucial to ensure you have all the proper cyber security protocols in place including SSL, transaction security, privacy policies, cookie collective principles etc.

E-commerce gives you the ability to overcome traditional geographical limitations and gain new customers with good search engine visibility – it offers customers 24/7 access and provides faster selling procedures.


Many hats

With more technology, more platforms, more complex strategies and more to learn every day, how many hats does a digital marketer/developer have to wear? Well, the answer is… certainly more than one. The days of building a simple website has moved on, today’s businesses look to gather data to better understand their customers; create content that is informative and SEO friendly; build mobile websites to suit all devices; create Apps relevant to individual brands; and implement social media platforms.



Having a content managed system (CMS) website allows you to manage and control the content and images on your website without the need of relying on a digital agency every time you need to make some small changes. We are witnessing a growing tendancy for companies to become more self-reliant online, and we’re here to help if that is a direction you favour.

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Having website maintenance is important for all businesses, with the speed of technological development and the importance of search engine rankings, it is critical to keep some form of maintenance to alleviate errors or broken links which can occur with software improvements and updates – this ensures you can continue to retain and attract new customers.


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